SEO copywriting: cold-blooded, yet attractive

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SEO copywriting: cold-blooded, yet attractive

Guest blog by Berdien Veldhuis van Internet agency gett

Do you remember the feeling when you first started writing SEO texts? Was it such a huge transition for you, or were you so used to it? Let me tell you in this blog what it was like for me when I first started writing this way a year and a half ago. I'm curious if you recognize what I'm describing!

It all started when I got the chance to gain work experience at an online marketing agency. Because of my studies in Journalism, History and English I knew very well that you could write in many different ways. I knew the importance of target group, tone, use of language, etc. Still, this always felt quite natural, because I never had to deal with a teacher who taught us that we should always (I name anything) use semicolons for business texts , or at least 10 times to mention our topic in an essay. There were of course rules, but they were rarely applicable to every text and every situation. So you can imagine the shock when I heard from that online marketing agency that everything started with the keyword and how often you used it. Didn't you write according to these rules? Then your text, no matter how creative and intelligent, would not exist for search engines like Google.

So the first few weeks with this company felt very strange to me. It was as if I (a purebred alpha) suddenly had a math test in front of me. 'Write a 400-word blog within 2 hours in which the keyword combination 'buy a stove' appears 5 times, 2 times as a combination, 3 times separately.' Are you still following it? I was completely overwhelmed by all those numbers and combinations and promptly couldn't get a word out of my pen. Only 'buy a stove' danced before my eyes.

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Fortunately, with some help from a friendly, experienced colleague, things got better after a while. I realized that on the one hand you just had to start writing about the subject (of course with the customer in mind, but I was used to that) and then the rest came naturally. But the end of the song remained the same: checking very coolly whether you had used enough keywords and whether they were in the best places.

I doubted for a while whether this way of writing would suit me, but I now notice that it is slowly growing, the appeal of SEO. This almost magical abbreviation has taught me that when it comes to writing, no challenge is too big for me. If they let me take a math exam now, I'm sure I wouldn't (still) get it right. But writing? Even for SEO? Bring it on!

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