SEO in 2016 - What will change?

SEO tips and trends 2016 by Ompro

SEO in 2016 - What will change?

Guest blog by Mark van Tuel van

The end of the year is approaching. Your website is solid and scores well in Google, of course you want to continue this line in 2016. To ensure that this actually happens, it is important that your website moves with the times. What changes are taking place in the field of SEO and how should you implement these in your SEO strategy?

Long search terms

Is the content of your website currently based on short search terms? Then it's time to make some adjustments. When a user is looking for a certain service or product, he increasingly enters long keyword combinations on Google. Did you know that 70 percent of all searches entered into Google consist of 4 or more words? As opposed to 30 percent of shorter keyword combinations. If you want to be found better, it is therefore very important to adjust your content accordingly. Think extensively!

Thinking in topics

Don't limit yourself, think big! Of course you don't want to tire your visitors with pointless information, but try not to make your texts too concise. When you offer your visitors more useful information, they will end up on your website sooner and stick around longer. Websites with long, extensive web pages generally rank higher in Google and that's exactly what it's all about.

Work on your reputation

Make sure your website is of good quality. That sounds logical, but how do you achieve this? To start with, you serve the visitor of killer content to provide: rock-solid content that is really appreciated by your target group. This stimulates interaction with visitors in the form of reactions. This killer content has to be so good that visitors will spontaneously share it via their social media channels.

Building a good website and brand reputation never stops. You will notice that the better your online reputation becomes, the better your website or webshop will rank in Google. So keep working on your reputation at all times!

SEO tips and trends for 2016

To help you on your way, we have included an infographic from below with the SEO tips and trends for 2016. With this handy list you can check whether your site is completely SEO proof for the new year; good luck!

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SEO tips 2016 infographic

source: SEO tips and trends 2016 – Infographic

This guest blog is written by Mark van Tuel van

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