SEO Worksheet download

SEO Worksheet download

SEO Worksheet download

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Getting higher in Google means that your website attracts more visitors. If your website then really helps visitors further with their question or need, that also generates revenue. To get higher in Google, use SEO, in other words Searchmachine optimalisation.

How do you use SEO?

SEO is a mix of analyzing, reading and applying. It includes technology, content and links and a lot in between. Before you can really get started with SEO, it is important to have a good foundation. So you know why Google values links, for example. Or how to do keyword research. Along the way you learn to apply SEO better and better. Especially when your efforts bring real results. The SEO Worksheet provides concepts, checklists and practical assignments to get started yourself. For the workshop Starting with SEO, this worksheet is the document from which participants follow the workshop.

Free SEO Worksheet download

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