Bloeise is a content marketing agency from Den Helder specialized in B2B content creation. View our customers here.

Marketing Services

Marketing ServicesWe'll say it right away: we are not the very best SEO specialist, Facebook marketer or newsletter maker. Content marketing is our specialism, in marketing we are generalists. We have a lot of experience in all kinds of marketing tools in various markets – online, direct and physical marketing – but we focus richten not exclusively on these resources. We help you to get to a good level. That's ideal for small businesses or setting up new channels. For the real top level, we would like to refer you to our partners, just like they do when it comes to good content.

Other services

Other services BloeiseAs with any company, our focus is also subject to change. The specialization on content marketing only came after a few years, for example. Before that, we presented ourselves as a general online marketing agency, and in the beginning even as a communications agency. Changing along with customer demand is crucial in doing business. We only offer the following services in consultation. Most do not have their own landing page. Are you interested? Then take first Contact on:

  • Press releases. Only at the request of existing customers.
  • Press visits. Attending an event or conference takes a lot of time, and should therefore yield more than a free ticket.
  • workshop. Targeting online marketing & social media, sEO and SEA, Facebook marketing or the New consumer. Always on location.
  • Social media content. We believe that a company knows itself best and therefore comes up with the best content.
  • MailChimp for newsletters. Set up for several small parties.

Other activities

Doing business means trying out and creating new revenue streams. We do not offer the following activities to all our website visitors, but they do give an idea of what else we do:

  • ThoKo. Thomas from Bloeise and Koen from TyCoon think up new websites and set them up for affiliate marketing and SEO. These are, among other things,,,,,
  • Sponsored content. writes and publishes content with SEO links for advertisers. It happens directly, and via platforms such as, Linkpizza, Blogbrains, ALLthewayUP and Juulr.