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Marketing scan

If your only tool is a hammer, all your problems will look like nails.

It may surprise you, but when it comes to marketing, there are a lot of companies that actually do something. Large companies often have a seasoned marketing department with meticulous plans, but in the SME segment in particular, arbitrariness often occurs. Newsletters are sent stoically, the same place at the fair every year, the website has been more or less the same for a number of years, and sponsorship is happening because an acquaintance or friendly (local) entrepreneur happens to ask for it. It all looks like marketing, but there is little policy behind it and, overall, it is wasted time, money and effort.

From marketing strategy to achieving business objectives

Every company, large and small, has objectives that should be achieved; whether it's customer retention, base growth or revenue growth. But does your marketing strategy match those objectives? How do you find out at all?

An ideal marketing strategy demonstrably contributes directly or indirectly to the achievement of your objectives. All efforts that do not contribute to this are, strictly speaking, inefficient and unnecessary. The effect of your marketing efforts should therefore be measurable or made.

Companies that pursue a well-thought out marketing strategy distinguish themselves by a targeted approach, where the customer is central, and high-quality leads. All time and business resources are used efficiently, which means you can run a relatively large amount of sales and therefore a high conversion.

What makes a marketing strategy good?

Determine marketing strategy

No marketing plan remains intact when in contact with the customer

There is no golden marketing rule that applies to all entrepreneurs in all markets. In all cases, good marketing starts with a proactive attitude: how are you going to have all of your marketing tools work together to achieve your business objectives? Optimum efficiency can only be achieved through good mutual cooperation between your various marketing initiatives.

It is important to realize that successful marketing does not always lead to direct leads or sales. For example, an excellent campaign on social media can generate a lot of brand awareness or a positive image, but that cannot be expressed one-on-one in sales. However, such results do support the achievement of your business objectives.

Improve your marketing strategy

The ability to improve your marketing strategy starts with the execution of a thorough marketing scan. This gives you a clear picture of your marketing policy and, in particular, which parts of it do or do not work well. Based on that overview, you can quickly take steps to ensure that your marketing policy really matches your objectives.

Interested in such a marketing scan, or just curious about how your marketing strategy is doing? Our marketing team, led by founder Thomas, is ready for you. Thomas has four years of experience as a marketing manager at VVV Texel and together with his team looks at your marketing strategy with online glasses, with the aim of bringing your online and offline marketing in line with each other and with your objectives.

Thomas Lapperre
" Typically, companies have a feeling of: marketing is not going well, but what do we actually need to improve? How do we handle that? With an external look I hold up a mirror. That's how you are doing, and these are your options. For that I learn how the company operates and how it serves the customers. Which marketing resources are used and how the market works. With one or more interviews and online research, I take a close look at the entire marketing. I look at what is going well and what can be improved and how the various marketing channels are connected. There are often several efficiency steps to be made, such as reusing content, improving the use of Facebook or LinkedIn and actually using collected data. Also, companies are not fully aware of the GDPR. I divide my feedback into practical must-haves and nice-to-haves. In marketing practice, there is simply not enough time and resources available. With smart tools and practical methods you can quickly take your marketing to a higher level. Because I talk to different companies from various industries and write a lot about the latest marketing techniques, I can offer effective tips. For me, a marketing scan is really one of the best things to do.

Feel free to contact us using the form below to make use of our expertise. We discuss the market in which you operate, your offer and the way in which you currently market it. If necessary, we interview colleagues from your company. With all that data, we provide a comprehensible analysis with a clear, practical marketing plan, with which you can start immediately if you wish. We will also make you an offer for the concrete implementation of that plan.

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