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Example white paper: Found it! 43 online recuitment tips

You may have encountered them online while you were looking for a new car, an alarm system or a software package: a white paper. White papers are comprehensible, well-arranged documents with which you as an entrepreneur can sketch a clear picture of a product or service towards your (potential) customers and / or employees. They are often offered by entrepreneurs free of charge to website visitors and serve as the first source of primary information.

When do I need a white paper as a company?

B2B Customer JourneyBefore a lead becomes a customer, he is looking for information. When you sell toasters, that research phase is not too bad, but when it comes to the purchase of large products (such as a car) or to B2B sales, customers will first want to be informed in detail. Such a process can take months to even years.

Often the following applies: the party that can provide correct, objective and helpful information often also runs off with the sale. Ultimately, a high-quality white paper leads to more customer contact earlier in the customer journey, more leads and ultimately more sales. This concerns customer contacts that you would not even have had if you had not made a white paper available; those website visitors had just left with the northern sun.

A good white paper listens closely

Customers are not crazy. They recognize a we-of-toilet-duck story from miles away and a whitepaper in the form of a disguised brochure is therefore not done. In a good white paper you provide usable, correct and up-to-date (!) Information, without directly showing the back of your tongue. You want to prove that you are an expert, but there must still be a reason to continue the discussion: lead generation.

A high-quality white paper constantly balances on a thin cord: you want to inform your readers objectively about a product or service, but you also want them to purchase from you, and not from the neighbor. How can you do that now?

White paper marketing is a profession

You are not the first to properly use a whitepaper but have never made one. Building a professional whitepaper takes a lot of time, attention and expertise. Not only the substantive texts, but also the layout, tone of voice, complexity and the use of visual elements are of great importance. You don't build a whitepaper like that on a Sunday afternoon.

b2b-whitepaper-marketing-tips-and-step-by-step planWhat does a perfect white paper have to meet?

Here we share a multitude of tips and we explain exactly how to make a white paper: Whitepaper marketing: the answer that you really want to read.

Outsource your white paper?

We are ready to help you with the ideal white paper for your company. In addition to a white paper, we can also directly support you with the content on your website, your landing page (s) and other marketing resources.

With our white paper service you get a professional white paper that will work for you. It brings you in contact with potential customers and generates leads, and therefore ultimately sales. We know exactly what works and what doesn't work and are happy to help you with practical advice. Contact us today and we will immediately discuss your personal wishes.

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