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Link building package

What does a first position in Google yield?

With 1000 searches per month, 33 percent clicks on the first search result: 333 extra visitors every month. With an average conversion of 2 percent, that means at least 6 new customers.

Linkbuilding puts your website first

To rank higher in Google, your website needs inbound links. For the top positions in the search results, Google looks at the quality of the inbound links. The set of links must also look 'natural' and not just contain the desired keywords. Link building is a profession in its own right.

Buying links and outsourcing link building - go for quality

Not all backlinks are the same ...

Purchase on the left: 5 points for attention

Outsourcing link building is common. Every company needs Google, but not everyone understands how it all works. Buying a lot of links for little sounds smart, but it is not always. Note the following five points when purchasing on the left:

  1. Numbers say nothing. Three, three hundred or three thousand links do nothing at all for your website, if it comes from bad websites. A bad website is such a site that you want to close immediately when you open it. Lots of banners, pop-ups, no texts at all, no images just ads and lots of links.
  2. View a few pages. By default you will never be told in advance where your links will be placed. And not always afterwards. Ask for a few links to view: would your website look good on this?
  3. Go for quality. A site that looks good to users does not have to help your website immediately. Useful figures are available for this, which explain the value for Google. Google used the page rank itself, but it is now out of use. The most used figures now come from the MOZ company: page authority and domain authority. read here the explanation. Domain authority gives an indication for the domain, the page authority for the specific page. To give an idea, a few examples: domain authority (DA) 85/100 and page authority (PA) 69/100 DA 79/100, PA 60/100 DA 54/100, PA 56/100 DA 1/100, PA 1/100.
    Check here your own DA and PA score.
  4. Turn left. Of course you want to be found on keywords that give you many visitors who want to spend money. Such as "car rental curacao" or "iphone covers". But if Google sees that your website only has such links, then you will be placed at the end with a Google penalty. Google also expects links with click texts such as "click here", "visit the website" and "company name". If you order backlinks, then choose at least 25 percent of these types of links.
  5. Choose different domains. Google expects the links to your website to come from different domains. Large, small, local, national, sometimes international. When you purchase links, this is not always taken into account. Your website must be mentioned on social media, company pages, start pages, analysis sites, supplier websites and news sites.

Purchase Backlinks

You know why links are important for your company and you know what to look for when buying backlinks. Now you can properly assess this offer:

  • 40 backlinks for € 100 exc. VAT
  • on start pages with DA and PA of at least 20
  • 4 different URLs and 4 keywords

Example sites:, and Hundreds of pages with ditto branches are available, but matching pages are chosen for very specific branches. (so links for "callantsoog vacation rentals" appear on pages focused on travel for example).

Order directly via this form with iDEAL or first read the frequently asked link building questions below.

  • For example: "Marketing Blog".
    With 1x purchase, each URL gets 10 links. Are you taking more? Then enter more URL.
  • Price: 121,00 €
    Price includes taxes.
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Frequently Asked Questions outsourcing link building

For many websites, Google is an important source of traffic. 50% of the search results in Google are determined by relevant and qualitative links. Link building provides those links so that your website gets more traffic. After all, quality content is the most important factor after that. Bloeise is also happy to help with this.

Link building is a profession in itself. If link building is not performed correctly, it may actually result in a decline in Google's search results. A link building expert knows what Google expects and how to create qualitative and relevant links.

As much as you want to spend of course. What matters is: which market are you in? How are you found now? What competition do you have in Google? What does it take to get your website higher? 40 links from 20+ PA and DA sites help most smaller companies directly. But if you are in the motor insurance market, for example, you need full-time people who build links.

We cannot guarantee you are at the top of Google. That you get higher in Google. Google uses at least 200 factors to determine its positions. We influence many factors, but not all of them. Companies that guarantee you to be at the top disappear just as quickly as they emerge. We do one effort obligation: we are committed to getting your website higher in Google. In this case by providing your website with links.

Black hat SEO is cheating Google. Google will find out sooner or later. We only use reliable 'white hat' SEO: links that add value. With which you continue to score well in Google today and in the future.

Use the form above and enter your website, the desired keywords and any landing pages. Within a maximum of 5 working days you will receive an Excel spreadsheet with your new links sent for review.

So that we can get started right away for you. We give you as much explanation and information as possible on this page, so that you immediately know where you stand.

That depends on a number of factors. Our sites are regularly indexed by Google, so that new links are included and processed by Google. This can take two weeks to three months. We deliberately do not influence that process, so that Google does not suddenly see a strange increase in the number of backlinks.

A landing page is a separate page for a specific product or service. You can set up a landing page specifically for one specific keyword. That is more difficult for the homepage.

The desired keyword must match the website or landing page. That means that a visitor who comes to Google on that page via that keyword, also wants to stay there. The texts must be informative, have headings and titles to scan quickly and the descriptions can also be optimized.

YES, we offer customized SEO optimization. Ranging from rewriting the website to adapting in the CMS to creating super content thousands of words long that guarantees a top position in Google. Contact us for customization.

We also work with (foreign) partners for special requests. Belgium and Germany are easy, we have to ask specific countries, but we can certainly arrange them. Contact us for customization.

Physically we only do this 'in-company', where you bring a trainer to your company and we tailor the story to your situation. In addition, we also give telephone 1-on-1 sessions, also for SEO and link building.