Search engine advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising (SEA)

Search engine advertising (SEA)

Paid search traffic for your website or webshop with maximum return. Use Google Adwords or Bing to immediately get more sales and results.

Immediately at the top in Google
More qualitative visitors means more sales and leads via your website or webshop. The choice to advertise in a search engine (SEA) such as Google or Bing is therefore quickly made. You will immediately see traffic increase from your first campaign. But after the first campaign you soon notice that there is more to it. How do you address the right target group with the right message? How do you choose the right time in the buying process? And above all: how do you get maximum return from your budget?

Advertising in Google or Bing? That is how it works
With only more website visitors you are not there yet. To convert visitors to customers, everything must be optimally coordinated. So not only put the keyword in the ads, but also in the landing pages. Use the same titles and promises. Take into account region, device, language and day of the week. And because each keyword can be in the buying process for a different moment, you may also need different landing pages. For a maximum return on your advertising budget, you need an SEA strategy that exactly matches your industry.

Thomas Lapperre
" Adwords campaigns are often limited in scope. Then budget is wasted or you miss potential turnover. With the right approach you get more returns.

It is time for a sound SEA strategy if you:

  • Having trouble finding the right target group
  • More traffic does get, but no more sales
  • Want to get more out of your advertising budget
  • Want to better coordinate all your online marketing channels
  • Notice that you are showing the wrong ads at the wrong time.

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