Set up a business Facebook page

Facebook strategy

Set up a business Facebook page

Setting up your own Facebook page for your company or organization is relatively easy. Otherwise read the article one business Facebook page Setting up. The steps are easy, but the translation of your company to Facebook can be a different story. How do you ensure an appearance that suits your company and appeals to your target group? How does Facebook fit into your company? What does Facebook deliver?

Set up a business Facebook page

Setting up a Facebook page is the start. The next step is to fill the page. And then invite your personal friends. Communicating your Facebook page through your other channels with your own “vanity url", Such as for example. And then the most important step: setting up a routine. How often do you post which content? And how do you make adjustments so that you get more interaction? like, share and win!

Facebook is a business asset

Using Facebook for business costs time and money. It is not about the number of likes, but about your final business objectives. Bloeise helps companies with Facebook deploy in an appropriate and efficient way. Not only with setting up a business page, but also with on-site training, determining a strategy and support with Facebook promotions and campaigns.

What else can you learn about Facebook? Edgerank - Story bumping & Last Actor - how do you get more organic reach - what is relevant content for your target group - how valuable is a like - advertising on Facebook - deploying Facebook apps - how do you get more interaction - what is and is not allowed as an action on Facebook

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