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Website Analysis

How well does your website run? Is your website found by Google? Is the site mobile friendly? Fast enough? Or is something going wrong in the background? How do you find out?

The Bloeise website analysis is one paid shift. Are you looking for a free website analysis? Then check the following sites: Google Speed Test, Google mobile friendly test, Open Site Explorer, RankWise and WooRank. Feel free to come back if you need help interpreting the analyzes and translating them into practical action points.

Google Analytics is a widely used web analytics tool

Technical analysis of your website

A complete analysis of your website not only looks at how Google sees your website, but also at the speed, safety, incoming links and what can be optimized. An "APK" for your website: can you achieve your goals effectively on the online highway?

Website analysis for more satisfied visitors

How is your site found? Keyword Research

The Bloeise website analysis gives you insight into the behavior of your visitors. Many customers want to know: how do they find our website? With which keywords? How do we actually score and what opportunities are there for us to realize more traffic via Google? For that we offer a keyword search, for which we look at the site, the market and competitors and the figures that Google has available. It doesn't stop there, because a 'nice' list is not yet a starting point for improvements. We explain which keywords we find relevant, why, and how you can subsequently use them in your website pages, blogs and content marketing, service emails and online marketing. Keywords stand for intentions and questions.

We can also zoom in on demographics, interests and which pages visitors find interesting and not. In addition to a keyword research, Bloeise also offers a usability research: this examines the user-friendliness of the website using persona. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or in good consultation and planning on location.

Not just a website analysis

A website analysis is just the beginning: Bloeise also helps with training, quotation processes and project supervision. Or by determining an appropriate revenue model, lead generation, and maintaining customer contact with quality ones blogs and nurture emails and lasting optimization for search engines. We can also support with it make a new website.

What paid website analysis does Bloeise offer?

  • Keyword research = which keywords does your target group use and on which keywords is there still little competition? On which keywords do you now get traffic? How do you apply it?
  • Link building = creating valuable links with the right texts ("anchors") so that your position in Google increases ... naturally with an eye for your link profile, exactly as Google expects and appreciates.
  • Google Analytics reports = where do your visitors come from? What can you do to get more visitors? Which pages do they visit? Which pages are they looking for? Google Analytics provides more answers to all these questions.
  • Bing / Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) reporting = how do the largest search engines see your website? What needs to be improved? Is everything properly indexed?
  • Usability research = how user-friendly is your website? Can visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily?
  • Target group analysis = who exactly is your target group? Are those also your visitors? How do you address your target group and then bind them?
  • Competition analysis  = who is your competition in the search results and how can you stay ahead of them online? We use external support for this.
  • Training and coaching = personal feedback, sparring and interaction to learn how to use your website optimally.

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