Resources analysis

Resources analysis service

Resources analysis

Customers no longer respond to mailings and expressions as before. More and more resources are being added, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. How do you give a new direction to your marketing and communication mix?

Analysis of your marketing mix

An analysis not only looks at whether your marketing or communication resources are used optimally, but also how they are coordinated in terms of effect, identity and image. And where are the opportunities to pick up? Does it make sense to start with Snapchat, for example? Should we go blogging? Why doesn't our website deliver anything? This analysis will certainly ask your organization the necessary questions, and can also point to the need to sharpen certain things: who is your target group? How does their buying process work? At which product level does your company profile itself?

Marketing mix inventory

Stakeholders also count

A typical resource analysis consists of an extensive briefing, visit to the store or location, website analysis, online competition analysis and analysis of all resources. Stakeholders, such as employees, customers and relations, naturally also count. For this, surveys or interviews are possible.

Two A4 pages

The analysis is on two at most three A4 pages. This contains the core that you can start immediately. A longer analysis gives nice prose and interpretation, but does not make it easier to discuss and convert into action. Two A4s compels choosing and naming priorities. Not everything can be important. And that is exactly what is needed to improve the use of your marketing mix.

Thomas Lapperre
" I like to do a resource analysis. I really think it's great to use my knowledge and skills in this way: inspiring and progressive. With work experience as head of marketing & communication at VVV Texel and e-business advisor at Wholesale Vegro, I not only have a broad view of offline and online expressions, but also the specialist knowledge for deployment." 
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