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Almost every large company in the world works with it, and yet you rarely find it in SMEs: skill management. Through skill management you get a grip on the skills and developments of all your individual staff members, and with that also your workforce in general. It brings countless benefits; all the more reason to start working with it as an SME today rather than tomorrow.

Skills and Development

Skills management software and tools

What is skill management? The complete mapping of the knowledge and skills present in your workforce. Especially within companies where many different activities are carried out – for example a mix of marketing, development, production, logistics, et cetera – it is invaluable to have a good grip on all the skills that are present in your company.

First of all, you use skills management to help your employees with their career development. With skills management you always have insight into which skills your best employees have and where others could develop themselves. The beauty of a good skills management method is that this is also visible to employees themselves in a very understandable way. So you can really together determine with your employee in which areas development is possible, instead of you in front of determines him.

Personnel policy

A second advantage of a good skills management system is the convenience it brings you when you are looking for new staff, for example because employees have left your company. Because skills management gives you an excellent idea of what the departing employees are leaving behind in their department, you can easily open a razor-sharp, targeted vacancy. You know exactly what to do during a assessment or application procedure, because you have a clear picture of what skills your new employee needs. And perhaps less important for you, but for those who are concerned: in the event of a rejection, you can also explain exactly why you are rejecting. That is also worth something.

Tool: skills management software

Mapping staff skills

Since you are probably already busy enough running your business and have little time left to build a skills management system, it is recommended to use ready-made skills management software to use. When it comes to human resource management and development of your people, it is better not to take a gamble and opt for a solution that has already proven its worth in the past. Skills management software such as for example AG5 offers makes the management itself much easier and minimizes the chance of errors or ambiguities.

In such a system you can replicate the organizational chart of your company, to ensure that the system perfectly matches daily practice. In addition to the development of your staff and the hiring of new employees, a well-maintained system can also perfectly support you in finding employees who can take over the duties of a (temporarily) absent employee, for example during sick or holiday leave. Skills management therefore not only helps you in the long term, but certainly also in the short term.

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