Smooth from house to house

Smooth from house to house

Smooth from house to house

I moved in together. I thought it wise to choose a new house together that you furnish together. There are already many homes for sale in the street. In fact, the house opposite me had been for sale for more than 2 years, and I really didn't want to wait that long.

A good sales agent

So look for a good sales agent. A real estate agent from the established guard had visited before, but I had a ten-in-one dozen feeling about that. No enthusiasm. So talk to the younger guard. Danny Laan was personally recommended to me and he immediately stood out. He listened carefully to what I wanted, explained in detail how the market was at that time and suggested a strategic approach. I chose Danny for his expertise and practical approach.

Sold within 7 weeks

Danny gave me a clear estimate of the selling time and the expected final sale amount. I deliberately opted for a quick sale with limited loss, as far as possible in the Hoogstraat with all the competition. Danny provided beautiful photos and Hoogstraat 103 was quickly up for sale. Within three weeks I received an opening offer. In the process that followed, Danny answered all my questions so that all steps were clear to me. It went really fast: within 7 weeks the sale was closed. But then you also need a new house quickly…

A suitable house

With my 2.08 meters I bump my head everywhere. So I wanted a 1930s house: with higher ceilings and door frames. Just an older house also means more maintenance. My friend Lilly and I are neither handymen. It therefore seemed to us better for peace of mind at home to choose a house without too much maintenance. And Lilly really wanted sun in the garden. And rooms for possible family expansion. And of course at a good price.

Danny as a buyer's agent

Since I was so satisfied with Danny as a sales broker, I also asked him as a purchase broker. It was my first time using a buyer's agent and I can recommend it to anyone. Yes, it costs money, but you will earn it back. During the viewing he saw defects and construction errors that I did not notice. And afterwards he gave a substantiated opinion, with a view to my options and purchase wishes.

What is a dream house? A house that you always want and can continue to live in. For me that is Hector Treubstraat 26. Lovely neighbourhood, four bedrooms, new kitchen and bathroom, lots of sun in the garden and well maintained. The purchase was just as easy as the sale. Lilly and I now live very happily together. Exactly as we wanted.

Thomas & Lilly



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