Social media: 10 reasons not to start

10 reasons not to start with social media

10 reasons not to start with social media

Everyone knows the jubilant stories why you should be on social media as a company. I am also writing this. I always approach social media as a means, never as a goal. Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't start with social media:

1. Your customers don't use it

Social media is primarily a means of communication for a company to reach your customers. Fish where the fish are. If your (potential) customers are not on Facebook, do not start a Facebook page. Ditto with all other social media channels. And in any case, don't try to convince your customers that they should be on social media!

2. You want a quick return

There is no such thing as a quick return on your investments on social media. It takes a lot of time and with courses, workshops, advice, books and custom logos and banners and special promotions, also money. Social media mainly works in the long term. If you want a quick return, don't go on social media.

3. You don't have time for it

So are you taking an intern? No, it also takes time. Regardless of the quality. At a small company, someone is quickly working on social media one day a week, at least. And at a larger company, that quickly increases to a full-time person, depending on the industry. Using social media effectively takes a lot of time. Without fixed hours, it becomes something that happens in between, less or not when busy. And then it's quiet.

4. You Can't Take Criticism

Opinions are often sharper on social media. If a product or service is not to your liking, it is rather quickly @company shared with #badservice. You don't know how to deal with that? Then stay away from social media. They still talk about you, but then you don't hear it anymore.

5. You want to be in control

In the past, as a company you had complete control over communication. It was mainly broadcasting. Now it's interactive. Consumers seek the dialogue themselves and among themselves. Do you want to stay in control? Then don't go on social media.

”…doing nothing is also a strategic choice. Start with the thought that social media is bullshit and that everyone is trying to sell you something. If you don't think strategically about social media, don't use it. Before you know it, an unguided projectile is created that will also cost you money.”

– Emile Lancee op Marketing Facts about social media trends of 2014

6. You have nothing to say

It's true: there's a lot of bleating on social media. If you think you have nothing to say as a company, stay away from social media. Relevance and a good story are very important on social media to achieve success with it. Without a story your customers love to hear, they won't listen. Think about it: what is your added value as a company without a good story?

7. You don't want to listen

Consumers potentially have a lot of reach via social media. They tell the whole world what they think of you through ratings, reviews and social media. Don't want to listen to your customers? So don't go on social media.

8. You don't have a plan

No idea what to do with social media? You won't get there without a goal. Experimenting is fun, but it takes time. If you still can't formulate a plan with goals as you go along, forget it. Waste of your time and effort.

9. Don't Believe the Hype

You just don't believe in it that way. In the past, “internet” was the magic word that everyone pulled their wallets for, now it is “social media”. If you think it will all blow over, don't start.

10. It's not worth it

In the short and long term, you believe that social media does not yield anything. A like or a retweet is worth nothing. And you do get that brand awareness through traditional channels, such as advertisements, trade fairs or a direct mailing.

Who can think of more reasons?

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