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Whatsapp remains the largest and Facebook grows to 9.6 million users in the Netherlands. YouTube is also rising, but Twitter and G+ are falling in 2016. Newcom conducts an annual survey of social media use in the Netherlands (thanks!), here the most striking figures.

Facebook usage is rising

Three percent increase compared to 2015: 6.8 million daily users in 2016 compared to 6.6 million in 2015. Only 5 percent dropped out for the following three reasons:

  1. There are too many people on it that I don't care about (43 percent)
  2. I don't trust the social media platform (36 percent)
  3. It takes me too much time (33 percent)

On point two: 66 percent of all social media users are concerned about data resale and 58 percent are concerned about their data. I like to say about that: Facebook really does store everything you do on Facebook, so that companies can segment and advertise on it again. But Facebook is otherwise a free product for users. In that case, you are the product. (here more explanation at post about Facebook conditions)

Facebook remains the most important thing for everyone: 87 percent say Facebook is the most important. Remarkably, among the people who mentioned Instagram last year, 48 percent now say that Facebook is more important. (At Twitter, 30 percent switched).

Twitter usage is falling

Twitter yields too little, say 35 percent of Dutch Twitterers who stopped in 2015. It takes too much time, say 28 percent. I no longer feel at home there, 27 percent say. Despite Twitter Netherlands all this contradicts: “….the number of users of Twitter is “significantly higher” than measured in Newcom's research. Other studies measuring more than 3 million active users are “better on track”…” says Marc de Vries of Twitter Netherlands. The messages that there goodis becomingpruned. But Twitter speaks volumes, doesn't it? (even though the message that the 140 limit is released in Sept)

Young people less on Twitter (bye!) but more on Facebook

Last year, the number of Dutch young people between the ages of fifteen and nineteen on Facebook decreased by 12 percent. This year there is again an increase of 6 percent. On Twitter, the decline in this group is 48 percent compared to last year, when it also fell hard by 26 percent.

Hi! 80+ more on Twitter and Facebook

Compared to 2015, the number of over-80s increased on Twitter by 48 percent and on Facebook by 52 percent. In itself a great development to combat loneliness in the elderly. The group of Facebook users aged 65 to 79 has increased by 9 percent this year (compared to 23 percent last year). Only the group aged 20 to 39 fell by 3 percent. Or this group got smaller. Or busy busy busy.

General results

  • Whatsapp is the largest platform in 2016, Facebook and YouTube continue to grow;
  • Facebook is growing especially among the elderly, decline among the young stabilizes in 2016;
  • LinkedIn is growing in number of users, but daily use is declining;
  • Instagram and Pinterest continue to grow and are particularly popular among young people;
  • The use of social media continues to rise, privacy concerns are high.

Would you like to download the 2016 social media survey yourself? You can do that here via Newcom Media.

Image source The Art of Social Media: MKH Marketing

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