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Every entrepreneur who wants to grow will eventually need more staff. In the current labor market it is really not easy to fill your vacancies, let alone fill them with the perfect candidate. After all, a little entrepreneur only accepts the best from the market. But how do you ensure that you structurally fish in that pond? We help you on your way with six original tips.

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Looking back to the past can help you find new ones.

1. First look back

There are two reasons for vacancies to arise: either you are creating new jobs because you are growing, or personnel have left your company. In the latter case, take a critical look at the back door. Dare to ask the question: why did they leave? If they are still in the same industry but for a different employer, ask yourself what prompted her to leave your company. Or even better: ask your ex-employees. You may get an answer that will help you a lot.

2. Create a positive employer brand

The best workers probably already have a job and are not unemployed. They are not actively looking for a new employer and you are therefore not just going to get them for an interview. You will only be able to interact with them if your grass is greener than that of their current employers. How are you employer brand? What is your image as an employer? Could you possibly improve this with a nice online campaign?

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Find staff? Create internships!

3. Create internships

Establishing a strong employer brand is a lengthy process. A nice job for an intern, isn't it? Internships are ideal: you come into contact with educational institutions and can make use of workers who have the desired level of education in a relatively affordable way. Perhaps there is a gem among them that wants to stay after the internship! And is it unexpected? Not a man overboard, because at least it didn't cost you any capital.

4. Finding staff by approaching freelancers

You don't get rich in paid employment. People with exceptional qualities realize this and are increasingly starting for themselves. So there is a good chance that the quality you need is not even looking for a job. They are their own boss, and therefore extra motivated. Have you ever contacted freelancers? You generally cannot hire them – that's why they are self-employed – but you may be able to handle important projects on a structural basis. This way they get certainty and you get good support.

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Find staff by starting a tight campaign on social media, such as Instagram

5. Be creative in your recruitment

In today's market, there are more vacancies in many industries than suitable personnel to fill them. If you have to start recruiting on a vacancy basis, how do you at least ensure that your vacancies stand out (clearly) among all the others? Do you appeal to the current twenty-somethings? Do you have tight campaigns on Instagram and LinkedIn? Are your recruitment messages too cool to ignore? Simply posting your vacancies to an employment agency is no longer the solution these days!

6. Online and digital

In case you missed the memo: the caller is no longer faster these days. Your entire recruitment process – from vacancy information to confirmation that a submitted application has arrived in good order – must be digitized and fully available online. Newly recruited staff want to work in a modern company and that includes a online recruitment process that runs like a well-oiled machine. Can you apply online with you? Do you have a well written work-by-page or website? Is there sufficient vacancy information available? Is the process fast and smooth or do applicants have to wait weeks for an answer? A smooth running application process is like a good first acquaintance: you only get one chance and you are immediately ahead 1-0.

Bonus tip: are you unsure about your company's application process? Ask your most recently hired staff for genuine feedback. After all, you now have the experts at home.

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