Storytelling as a marketing tool: what a good story

Storytelling and content marketing

Storytelling as a marketing tool: what a good story

Marketing through content has gained a lot of popularity. More and more organizations are choosing to keep a blog on their website. Also, many companies share interesting content through their social media channels. However, content cannot simply be defined as 'good'. What's good for you may be bad for me and vice versa! What is good content for you? Do you want little text and many images? Do you like to have aspects explained in detail, or not?

One of the marketing tools for content marketing is storytelling. The concept of storytelling means that you explain a certain topic in story form. No complicated terms, but storytelling! In this way you try to captivate readers and, for example, make them think. You can also try to convey something to a reader with storytelling. Think of an opinion, knowledge or just making a moral appeal. In this article we tell you more about storytelling.

How storytelling works for organizations

The purpose of content marketing is to increase interaction with visitors. By regularly posting blog posts on your website, you hope that visitors return more often. However, it is not easy to write stimulating and interesting content. Which subject is suitable? How do I encourage readers to perform a certain action? And so on. Storytelling should make this easier! In storytelling you try to explain a topic or theme in a narrative way. Not only is this easier to write. Many people also find this more enjoyable to read. There is a lot of information on the internet about how storytelling works.

Employer Branding

James bought a vacuum cleaner in 1974. This quickly clogged and lost suction over time. Frustrated, he emptied the vacuum cleaner bag, but that didn't help. Then he opened the vacuum cleaner bag, and… This is the very beginning of the British brand Dyson, now employing more than 8,500 people. Storytelling is also important for personnel policy: who are you and why should I come and work for you? Read more about it here Employer Branding.

Tips for using storytelling

Storytelling is a form of writing that suits many people. However, constantly keep the reader in mind! You can deviate endlessly from the main topic, but this is often not interesting for readers. If you deviate too much, there is a good chance that a reader will leave the page. You want to avoid this! For this reason, speak in short sentences, stay close to the subject and only move out when necessary. It is also a good idea to book a writing plan to set up. What topics do you discuss? To explain which points do you briefly deviate from this topic?

If you notice when drawing up the writing plan that the text is becoming too long, you can divide this into two texts. This way you immediately have a nice subject for your next text! Don't forget to mention at the bottom of your first text that there will be a second part. This way, readers of your first text will return faster to read the second part as well. A smart way to keep visitors engaged with your organization. Even if you do not divide subjects over two texts, a call to action essential. For example, encourage visitors to make a purchase.

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