Suitcases of Peru: smart Airport marketing


Airport marketing with suitcases

  • Brand ambassadors: A number of Peruvians who travel a lot received a free suitcase, illustrated with famous Peruvian tourist locations and landscapes. Among others the singer Sonia Morales, the singer Diego Dibós, the actress Magdiel Ugaz and TV personality Gonzalo Torres.
  • Display: These suitcases travel around the world and are everywhere on the baggage carousel. Without additional advertising costs, Peru is promoted in airports worldwide, which normally costs a lot of money. For example, a display ad in New York costs $ 124,000 a year and in London quickly $ 260,000 a year. The campaign generated $ 5.4 million in publicity, and the video itself received 1.6 million views and 16,000 shares.
  • Brand activation: via the Peru's Facebook page anyone can order a suitcase. They are now sold out.




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