Tech sector writes open letter to the Netherlands

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Tech sector writes open letter to the Netherlands

A total of 85 tech companies, investors, knowledge institutions and accelerators wrote an open letter to the Netherlands today. The letter appears as an advertisement in the AD and the FD today.

In the letter, the signatories, including Taco Carlier (VanMoof) Jitske Groen (Takeaway), Corinne Vigreux (Codam), Pieter Duisenberg (VSNU), Alexander Ribbink (Keen Venture Partners) and Constantijn van Oranje ( celebrate the election. from the Netherlands to the top three best startup countries in Europe last week in the international Genome ranking, and they underline the important role they can and want to play in helping the Dutch emerge stronger from the crisis.

“Just as technology helped keep our country running during the corona crisis, we can now ensure that our country's recovery is accelerated. Startups generate 3x more job growth than other companies. We can provide the innovation needed to make us less dependent on foreign products. We are working on products that the Netherlands can be proud of – today and tomorrow. The fact that the Netherlands has created a climate in which startups and scale-ups can flourish is a huge boost in this. Taking a few extra steps will give us even more opportunities to build companies that help solve global problems and create new jobs. So that in 10 years' time the Netherlands will still have companies to be proud of and which will keep our country strong when it is most needed', the signatories write.

Technology from startups and scale-ups played an important role in helping the economy and society continue to turn during the corona crisis. Tech enabled the Dutch to work from home, receive education, have groceries delivered and quickly produce medical devices when needed.

The initiator of the letter is, MT member Myrthe Hooijman: “With this positive appeal, the tech sector wants to show that it will do everything it can to help the Netherlands emerge from the crisis stronger, more sustainable and more innovative. Tech now plays a crucial role in our lives, in our economy and society. Corona has proven that. Now it is important that we as a country move forward and give tech companies and the ecosystem the space to generate, attract and retain the best companies, talents, technology and investors.”

The letter is through this link to watch.

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