The new working from home is possible almost everywhere, also in the camper

Camper for working from home

The new working from home is possible almost everywhere, also in the camper

Working from home is increasingly happening outside the home. If not in the barn, then in a quiet room with the (grand)parents, who are now looking after the children. And what about the many happy owners of a motorhome: they park their mobile holiday home in a beautiful spot in nature, where they can work from home in peace. But not at home.

Creativity during corona and related setbacks

It is fascinating to see how a people deal with adversity. Although opinions about the corona policy and (the pace of) vaccination differ, a certain creativity is visible in people. Vaccines have been developed at lightning speed, there are countless initiatives to make life a bit more pleasant during this period and when people are forced to work from home en masse, the necessary smart solutions are also created. Where a vicious virus is spreading, there is a certain resilience. Also when working from home not so ideal turns out to be as expected.

Internet as the only indispensable ingredient

Initially, the concept is embraced: waking up quietly, turning on the computer or laptop, having breakfast, helping the children to school and then getting to work in their own habitat. That office in that unsightly business park, the traffic jams, the employer, they are not missed. With an internet connection and/or a sim only subscription working from home is perfectly possible – employees turn out to be just as productive or even more productive than in the busy open plan office and not traveling saves seas of time. But also a lot of distraction and distraction, will become clear later. Often there is also a partner who works from home and when home education has to be given and the household continues to run 'normally', the desire arises to be able to work undisturbed elsewhere.


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