The power of SEO influencer marketing


SEO influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important for scoring good positions in Google. How do you get the attention of the right SEO influencers? How do you build relationships? And what influence does this type of marketing have on the SEO of your website?

SEO is still important

That the SEO must be in order if you want your website to actually generate new customers and turnover is generally known. But SEO is much more than just installing the YOAST plugin and putting keywords in a text. You don't just become number 1 on Google.

influencer marketing can help you to significantly increase the SEO value of your website. Well-known bloggers typically have a website with authority, but seo influencer marketing can also be niche sites. If you get a relevant link to your website from such a site, you can immediately generate visitors from the blogger's audience. And Google also sees this link as a 'vote' on your website, which puts you higher in the search results.

Finding SEO Influencers

There are various platforms on which you can place a campaign with your desired links. Influencers can then respond to this with an offer, and you as an advertiser can make a selection based on Trustflow, Citation flow, domain and page authority, number of visitors, relevance and of course the costs. This way you can quickly find and enable multiple SEO influencers.

In addition, you can also build a relationship with interesting parties in your specific niche. From time to time, leave a comment on the blog, ask questions or show your expertise. This way you build a good relationship that certainly helps when you take the next step: approaching your desired SEO influencer. Note: are you a serious company and do you see real added value in this blog? Then realize that that influencer also has to make a living from something. That is why it makes sense to offer the influencer a fee, so that you can discuss your wishes very specifically. You can also make a product or service available for review, but without payment you do not know how this will turn out. Also make sure there is a good match. An influencer who talks differently about completely different topics and now suddenly recommends a lipstick is unbelievable.

SEO influencer marketing - link building

Scoring qualitative backlinks: link building

Backlinks remain important. Long ago, marketers everywhere wanted to haphazardly score backlinks, because the more was the merrier. That time is over. Today it is all about the quality of the backlinks, and that requires continuous link building. The pages linking your product or company must be relevant. Otherwise it's kind of spam and the search engines won't accept that anymore.

You can also influence this yourself, by guest blogs to write. If you get a spot on an influencer's website, you can write about a topic within the theme of the website. In your biography you include a link to your own website. If you want an SEO link, you will typically have to pay.

Content is king!

Content is the most important thing these days if you want to rank in Google. Cornerstone content or super content is especially important. This is content where you collect real information about one topic: the super page you need to read about, for example B2B content marketing or the History of the Internet. Be informative and careful with an excess of keywords. For your SEO influencer marketing, it is important to find exactly that cornerstone content with your SEO influencers and to score a link on it.

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