The right person in the right place: executive search

executive search

The right person in the right place: executive search

You hear the term more and more often when it comes to recruitment or recruitment and selection: executive search. In countries such as the United States, executive search – or headhunting – has long been a popular way to find new staff. The Netherlands is still lagging somewhat behind in this regard. But how do you find out if executive search could be valuable to your company when it comes to hiring new staff? We help you on your way.

What is executive search?

what is executive search

First of all: what exactly does it mean that executive search? Simply put, if you want to fill a vacancy on the basis of executive search, you proactively search for suitable candidates yourself. As a rule, these are not candidates who are currently unemployed and are therefore looking for them themselves. You approach candidates who are 'busy', hoping to persuade them to make a career switch.

This stems from the knowledge that approximately 70 percent of Dutch employees who have a job are open to a good offer when it comes along. Despite this, only a quarter of Dutch employees (27 percent) to a greater or lesser extent actively looking for another job. That 70 percent is, of course, a huge difference from the 27 and for many companies would mean that executive search can provide radically better new staff. It is therefore not surprising that this search method is gaining popularity.

When do you engage executive search?

Executive search is tailor-made. You don't do that if you're looking for hundreds of call center agents. Then putting the old trusted vacancy online is often a better means. But are you looking for a candidate with specific characteristics for an important position in your company? Then executive search will give you two things:

  1. More candidates;
  2. A higher level of candidates.

Are there no drawbacks at all? Unfortunately, for a good example of executive search you have to make some sacrifices.

Customization involves costs. You can easily outsource executive search – just like you might use an employment agency for certain functions – but of course there is a price tag for this. In addition, you may need to offer a candidate you bring in through executive search a higher salary or other benefits over a candidate who is responding to a vacancy and is currently out of a job.

Who exactly is executive search for and how do you start?

Getting Started with Executive Search

Filling vacancies is not always easy, especially not when it comes to specialized positions where you just want to set the bar at a certain level. It is not at all crazy to simply have high expectations of new staff, but in many industries the quality staff is simply not on the street waiting for a random offer.

So if you are traditional have trouble executive search can really be a solution to fill (certain) vacancies. Then work with a reputable party with a proven track record, to ensure as much as possible that your efforts will eventually pay off. top of minds is such a party in the Netherlands, for example.

Such a search via an executive search party starts with drawing up your wishes and frameworks. Within those wishes, a search is started among 'occupied' candidates. The executive search agency approaches them and asks whether an opening can be created. It is only when there is a serious chance that it is up to you as a client to initiate a conversation, for example. This way you don't waste time on candidates who don't want to come anyway and your company has the best chance of high-quality staff for the longer term.

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