These are the top 8 search engines in 2021

top 8 search engines in 2021

These are the top 8 search engines in 2021

Guest blog by Karen de Lange from Digital Inside

A little over 30 years ago, the first search engine came on the market. The first search engine in 1990 was Archie. This search engine was more like an index of various FTP sites. Users had to log in and then search for a file. This was possible by means of various parameters, after which a file had to be downloaded. Even though this search engine was by far not like today's search engines, Archie has been very important in the history of search engines. A big difference with today's search engines is that search engines today are advanced machine learning machines.

Different search engines are used all over the world. Some search engines are mainly visited in certain parts of the world while other search engines are distinguished by certain features. If you as a company want to be visible online, it is important to rank high in the search results of the search engines. But what are the most used search engines anyway? And what are the differences between these search engines?

1. Google

Google search engine

The Google search engine ranks strictly at number one with more than 90% of all search engine users in the world. Google's search engine was launched in 1998 and it is now indispensable. This is partly due to the user-friendliness of this search engine. The search engine has changed a lot in use over the years and still updates regularly. In addition, Google Ads and Google Shopping are important tools within Google.

2. Bing

Bing has the most users in the world after Google. It is part of Microsoft and has a big difference in appearance from Google. The homepage is filled with photos and the latest news can be read at the bottom. Therefore, this search engine is much more geared towards visual users. In addition, Bing also has Bing Rewards. By using Bing you can earn points with which you can buy gift cards in the long run.

3. Baidu

Perhaps many people in the Netherlands have never heard of the search engine Baidu. But this is really the 3 gebruikers in terms of number of usersthe search engine of the world. It is mainly used in China and is therefore the market leader in China in the field of search engines. The fact that Baidu is so big in China is because it adheres to the Chinese government's censorship policy. This is something that other search engines often struggle with. In addition, Baidu is fully equipped for users in China and the wishes these users have, especially entertainment.

4. Yahoo

The main page of Yahoo immediately displays a lot of information. You can read news, see today's weather and display different categories such as finance, life and shopping. This search engine is powered by Microsoft Bing and hence these two search engines are very similar.

5. Yandex

Yandex is Russia's largest search engine with over 55% of all search engine users. In addition, this search engine is also popular in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. That this search engine is so popular in mainly Russia is because these search engines understand the Russian inflections in searches. A word can have many different meanings in the Russian language, which exactly makes the language, but these are often misrepresented in the search results in other search engines.

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6. Ask

Ask is set up to ask questions to which the search engine answers. Unfortunately for Ask, the competition from the other search engines was too great and Google acquired this search engine in 2010.

7. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is still a relatively small search engine, with about 0.4 percent share of the global market. But this search engine is growing fast. This is because DuckDuckGo is all about privacy. The search engine doesn't store any personal information, so you won't be haunted for weeks with ads for products you've searched for. This is the best search engine if you don't want your data used and stored.

8. Naver

Naver is the search engine that is very popular especially in South Korea. In addition to the search engine function, it also has an email function, news page and encyclopedia. Because Naver is mainly used in South Korea, this search engine is only interesting if you want to do business here.

New: Ecosia

This search engine hasn't made it to the top 10 yet, but it's worth paying attention to. Besides the fact that Ecosia is privacy friendly, this search engine is very focused on the environment. Ecosia is therefore more than CO2 neutral. The proceeds from the advertisements are used to plant trees and the servers run on 200% renewable energy. Do you want to contribute to the environment? Then use Ecosia's search engine and you will immediately see how many trees are planted by your searches.

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