ThoKo – sponsored content

ThoKo – sponsored content

ThoKo – sponsored content

About ThoKo

ThoKo is a collaboration between thomas Lapperre, text shaker and coffeeand Reus, handy computer expert. Koen does the design and technology, Thomas does the texts and marketing. We both have our own company, tycoon and Bloeise and know each other through Smeders in Den Helder.

Together we set up sites for affiliate marketing: smooth, handy and substantive. ThoKo is a project for us, for the fun and the learning. SEO is of course important, so Thomas does the necessary exchange link and buy links. We have now set up this page to increase our marketing budget and to be able to better meet the demand from the market.

Websites ThoKo

These are the sites where we can post a paid guest blog or link directly or fairly quickly.

hierrr we keep the SEO stats per site.

  • The best 4G plans. Our flagship with which we know how to compete for very interesting telecom keywords.
  • The first 5G subscriptions. The successor with great expectations. The accumulated SEO assets for are easy to use.
  • 4G instead of ADSL. The opportunity. Growing market.
  • Pest control. The plan that still doesn't work. Enough work on it, but they don't want to bite yet.
  • Crosley Record The handy. People just look for Crosley turntables. Nice design, but they destroy your records and have a lot of problems. So we would like to point out the disadvantages and other possibilities.
  • white In development.

Please note: we only post links or guest blogs that to fit at the subjects. Casino / borrow money / dating? Does not fit. Ordered anyway? Then we will contact you to see how we can solve it.

Order sponsored content from ThoKo

We like convenience. You want quality and value for money. This is how we do it:

  1. Use the form with iDEAL. That is a gravity-form with Mollie linked to MoneyBird. You will immediately receive a confirmation and an invoice in your company name. Your assignment is with us and we will get to work for you.
  2. Links in text or provided guest blog. Let's check asap. We look at relevance: does it match the site? For the reader? It will be live within a few working days and you will receive feedback.
  3. Have text written. Do you choose to have a guest blog written? We go for quality, and we guarantee that with a permanent freelancer. Count on a week of writing time, depending on how busy it is. You will receive interim updates where necessary.
  4. Communication. Thomas is you contact, you are now on his company site. Questions? Update? Issues? Ask Thomas.

Still unsure? Jump to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Order sponsored content on ThoKo sites

Note: prices already include 21% VAT.
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    Unlimited 4G
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    90,75 €

    Price includes taxes.

    Price includes taxes.

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  • Please indicate per choice:
    - which URL (full address)
    - what keyword ("keyword")

    To be posted to guest blogs:
    - Place it below as an attachment or mail directly to if the form is stupid.

    To have blogs written:
    - Provide your input as an attachment or here as an explanation. In case of doubt, we will contact you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ThoKo

Well, rather not, it saves administrative hassle. You also notice that in the price.

Report it immediately! Thomas likes to hear what's wrong and what we can do to fix it. In our experience, feedback is almost always about the links.

Let us hear that too! In this industry, it is almost always fleeting one-off contact. A little feedback is nice, can we do better or do we know that we are doing well.

Hey stop. These links are for SEO purposes only. (a do-follow link on the desired keyword of a domain with similar content and interesting SEO stats?) Not for branding or advertising.

We manually throw the link of the (new) page through Google Search Console and have it indexed by Google.

Good question! By helping to get the page with your link higher in Google. You do this by sharing it yourself in your social media, newsletter and where possible building links to that page. Leaving a comment also works well. These are all signals that Google sees: that is relevant information.