Advertising on Bloeise – advertorials and sponsored content

Advertising on Bloeise – advertorials and sponsored content

Advertising on Bloeise – advertorials and sponsored content

You will not find banners and annoying pop-up banners that take over your screen on Bloeise. Our readers can always rely on valuable content. Marketing managers, entrepreneurs and freelancers come to for factual knowledge and practical tips about marketing in all facets. Whether it's about Google, Facebook or Amazon, or email marketing, online conversion or setting up a department or organization. Blossom helps companies to grow online. And that starts with content.

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Bloomse offers advertisers the opportunity to get in touch with our business target group via sponsored content and advertorials. Both are forms of content marketing, our core business.

An advertorial is an editorial with a commercial approach (in a separate frame) and often a call-to-action. You inform and inspire the target group, with the focus from the customer experience. So “outside-inside” and not “inside-outside”. You identify customer problems and challenges, and carefully bring your solutions and company to light. You share interesting information, tips or an inspiring story with a head and a tail. It is clearly stated that it is an advertorial. View an example.

In the B2B market, the challenge is not to talk directly about your own store. Potential customers are not that far in the beginning. They want to be helped first. With sponsored content you clearly show that you have knowledge and experience, but limit your own story considerably to mentioning your own name. View an example.

Why sponsored content works better

  • Ad blocker proof. Content cannot be blocked by ad blockers. That saves 200 million people worldwide.
  • Works on mobile. No banners. Sponsored content is perfectly displayed on mobile.
  • Positive and valuable. Give customers what they're looking for. No advertising but real information and tips that help in the customer journey.
  • awareness. Sponsored content provides branding at the beginning of the funnel. Get that first click.

Sponsored content and advertorials: 4 reasons for advertisers

As an advertiser you have a wide choice of options. When do you choose an advertorial?

  • You want to inspire and move your target group with content
  • You want to draw attention to your product or service
  • You want to work on your brand awareness so that your target group knows your company and what you can do
  • You want more visitors to your website by boosting your SEO

Why choose to advertise on

SEO Power

Increase your Google Rankings with valuable keyword links. has high DR, DA and TF.

  • Do follow links
  • placement for an unlimited period
  • sponsorship is only mentioned if desired


  • Bring your company to the attention of an average of 10,000 entrepreneurs and marketers every month.


Sponsored blogs provide long-term quality traffic.

  • Every blog we write is passed on on Twitter (4000+), Facebook (150+) and LinkedIn.

Rate card Bloeise 2021

Exclusive 21% VAT, the amounts are stated in the order form including VAT. see Terms of delivery. Order only after payment. These prices may differ from prices on blogging platforms, due to speed of payment, correction round as a paid option and margin blogging platforms.

  • Do-follow link € 100 in existing article. Many topics possible, placement in consultation.
  • Sponsored blog posts €150 500+ words. Minimum 500 words, must be well written. 1 or 2 do-follow links.
  • Sponsored blog €200 to write a 500 words. Minimum 500 words, well written based on briefing. 1 or 2 do-follow links.

Possible topics on Bloeise

  • Perfect match: business, accounting, SEO, online marketing, recruitment, online advertising, software, review marketing, email marketing, online addiction, trends, consumer psychology.
  • Fits well! PR, Retail, branding, online services, copywriting, cloud, training, IT, offline marketing such as printing and flyers, design.
  • …Still possible. Customer case in which we explain the online side of a product or service.

Typical B2C topics are not possible: adult, casino, borrowing money, maternity, health, hardware products, telecom, pest control, etc. 

How it works

Our extra competitive amounts are only possible through the following method:

  • Purchase only via the form below with briefing and iDEAL payment prior to.
  • You always get a invoice, please fill in all fields.
  • Publication on average after a week. Will you let us write the article? Then we will send it to you for approval before placement.
  • Only for publication on This increases our reach and the SEO benefits for our advertisers. For articles on our own site, we offer a separate blog subscription.
  • Adjustments afterwards? We make adjustments to the desired SEO link immediately. Substantive adjustments and rewriting of texts only take place at an additional cost.

Knowing more? Read our Frequently Asked Questions under the order form.


  • Price: 121,00 €
    + 1 do-follow links + Many topics possible + Always in consultation
  • Price: 181,50 €
    + 1 or 2 do-follow links + Matching images ! Submitted blog must be well written
  • Price: 242,00 €
    + 1 or 2 do-follow links + Appropriate images + Quality written by editors
  • 0,00 €
    Including VAT 21% high rate - the VAT is broken down on the invoice.
  • Before having a blog written, think of: subject, purpose of the blog, SEO keywords and URL, messages and any sources.
  • Max. file size: 124 MB.
  • American Express
    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Frequently asked questions sponsored content on Bloeise

Sponsored content is paid content that mentions a company or places a do-follow link to your own site for SEO. An advertorial is positive about the company and can contain a call-to-action, but do mention that it is an advertisement form. An advertorial comes across as more commercial.

Sponsored content where the company is explicitly mentioned. However, it is not commercial. There is no call to action. We do not use this term further. We leave the naming/not naming of the brand up to the advertiser.

Native advertising is an umbrella term for all forms of advertising on a medium. Native stands for local, and indicates the connection with other messages on the medium. This also includes banners, paid press releases, promoted messages (Facebook Ads / Google Adwords) and display, in addition to sponsored content and advertorials. While sponsored content is valuable and meaningful because it is written by an editor with the target group in mind, this is not always the case with native advertising. At Bloeise we therefore choose not to use this confusing term any further.

It is substantively written, so it is interesting for your target group. This creates the right to exist for your content. It is also brought to a medium that your target audience trusts. It is also optimized for Google, so it is well found in Google. This results in steady traffic to the article, making the link to your website more and more valuable and growing your branding.

Blog platforms offer advertisers the advantage of connecting with many publishers quickly and efficiently. They charge a margin that goes on top of the price. For Bloeise as a publisher, this means that an offer always includes correction work, after delivery and placement the advertiser has time to provide feedback and the payment can take months. There is value attached to that. In addition, a blogging platform remains above all a marketplace where prices are not fixed.

We see that it is difficult for advertisers not to make their texts commercial. Logical, because you want to write positively about yourself. But that's not how sponsored content works. People prefer to ignore advertisements, and they recognize we-from-toilet-duck texts immediately. It is possible for an advertorial, but with the caveat that we regard the text as input and do not proceed in its entirety. We monitor our own tone-of-voice. We only post submitted press releases if they are written as a press release and are relevant to our target group.

Within two weeks, often within a week. We work with a pool of writers who also work for other clients. Within a collaboration we can apply tighter deadlines. Contact us to submit your wishes.

Your order will be placed online with an appropriate header image, any additional images if available and SEO optimized for the given keyword. Depending on the topic, we also post internal links and external links.

Not by default. Many companies mainly want an interesting text that invites reading, on a real content site that matches their target group, optimized for their keyword. We amply offer that. We are strong in content. If you really want to do another correction round, we offer that option paid on request. Before delivery, you will receive the text as a Word file and submit corrections via the Track changes and Comments functions. We would be happy to give you a call with extensive feedback.

In principle always, until unexpectedly goes black.

To automate the process for ourselves as much as possible. There is quite a bit of time and sometimes frustration in debtor management. We pass on the time savings to you with competitively low prices. In addition, it also gives you the certainty that the order has been arranged immediately.

NO, only for an additional fee. You have placed an order for content on This also increases our reach and the SEO benefits for our advertisers. For articles on our own site, we offer a separate blog subscription. Contact us for the possibilities.

No. It's just content with text, images, and links. There is no system behind it that can be recognized by an ad blocker.

Absolutely. There are some topics that just not connect with our target group, such as casino and borrowing. Blossom is aimed at companies, so B2B. And even though employees are also consumers, they don't come to Bloeise for topics such as mortgages, food, travel or fashion. There are of course a number of fringe cases, matters that apply just as much to entrepreneurs as they do to a busy mother, for example, such as time management or social media addiction. We always give a reason for refusal and refund the amount.

On this page you will find our standard products. We call this bite-sized chunks, where you immediately know in advance what it will cost and what you will receive. Customization is of course also possible, and we do that for various customers in various forms, but often as a ghostwriter for texts on other media. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.