Content Marketing B2C and B2C

content marketing is king in 2021

Content Marketing B2C and B2C


Here you can read more about content marketing, the marketing form in which content plays a central role. Largely online but also offline, content marketing is about providing answers, insights and advice to potential customers. This means that they are addressed at an early stage and you can position yourself as a possible supplier of a product or service more quickly as a brand or organization. Particularly where the purchase process takes longer and knowledge makes the difference, a content marketing strategy deployed. That is typical more often with B2B than at B2C. Forms of content marketing are blogs and white papers, but also free magazines such as the Allerhande from AH.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the business use of content to achieve business goals, B2B or B2C. Through as a publisher, you create answers to customer questions, you build on thought leadership (branding) and you get good positions in Google (SEO). With content marketing you focus on the information requirement of the target group. Content marketing includes text and image, and can be online and offline.

Below you will find content marketing articles and tips to profile your company and really help your customers with appropriate content. Content marketing ensures better findability in Google, profiling as a knowledge specialist and satisfied customers.

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