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Facebook marketing for businesses


What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is the business use of Facebook, B2C or B2B. Facebook marketing supports branding, engagement and conversion. With a business company page you show messages to your fans, you create interaction and feedback, and you get clicks to your website. Reach requires more and more paid ads.

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Everything about Facebook ads

Startup, costs, target groups, checklist relevance score and all segmentation options.

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Facebook for business facebook page checklist

Facebook marketing in 60 minutes

Facebook marketing in 60 minutes

€ 12,50 via Bol.com
Excellent book to start advertising on Facebook. Makes you think about your Facebook goals. What do you ultimately want to achieve? This book explains the basics in 60 minutes.
Written by Marcel van der Heijden, founder a friend of mine?, the first Facebook marketing agency in the Netherlands. View here on Bol.com.

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