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What is Google Plus?

Google Plus, also known as Google+ or G+, is Google's social network launched in 2011. Google+ is never intended as an 'attack' on Facebook, but as the way to receive social signals. Google improves its search results. Few people use G+ like they use Facebook. There were SEO benefits in the beginning, but they have now been reversed.

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Google Plus in 2018

Bloeise no longer publishes articles about Google Plus. The SEO benefits have almost disappeared, people no longer use it. The only thing Google Plus offers is a quick social signal to a page. In July 2017, Google announced that Google Plus and YouTube separated would become: “Google insists Google+ isn't going away and will continue to provide an “interest-based social experience” for users who've grown to love its communities. But for everyone else, it'll finally be much easier to walk away from Google+ in the weeks to come.” Especially among photographers, G+ is still very popular because of the functionalities of Google Photos.

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