Upgrading to Windows 10: information for the late switcher

Windows 7 to 10 licenses online

Upgrading to Windows 10: information for the late switcher

On January 14, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. That does not mean that the system will become unusable, but Microsoft will no longer develop updates for it. For every user of the system - and for the business user in particular - that is of course risky, because it also means that security leaks will no longer be closed. Reason enough to switch to Windows 10.

There is no adjustment from postponement

A lot of Windows 7 users are known to have consciously chosen not to make the switch to Windows 10 yet. Until July 2016, Microsoft offered this switch for free, but many users have missed this opportunity. There is even a group of users who, after switching to Windows 10, have downgraded to Windows 7 again because the new system was not to their liking. Finally, there is a third group: the users who simply have not yet realized that support for Windows 7 is finite.

Whichever group you belong to, the end of Windows 7 is approaching and that means that you should really start working on that long-awaited upgrade to Windows 10. Such an upgrade also brings a lot of benefits, especially for the business user.

Benefits of switching from 7 to 10

Benefits of switching to Windows 10

In addition to ensuring that your operating system will be kept up-to-date in the coming years, up to 2025, Windows 10 offers even more benefits. The system is perfectly compatible with the latest programs and apps, such as Office 2019, and programs load a lot faster than you're used to from older versions of Windows.

What is very important for the entrepreneur is the fact that a computer that still runs on Windows 7 (or older) after January 14, 2020 AVG proof is. This means that in such a case you no longer formally comply with the GDPR guidelines if you process or store customer data using an old version of Windows. With a timely transition to Windows 10, you can also make it clear to regulators that you take your privacy policy seriously.

Contrary to what you may be used to from the past, that switch is actually surprisingly easy.

License Windows 10

Windows 10 license

You used to need a collection of CD-ROMs and a thick manual to make the switch to a new operating system, but those days are thankfully over. All you need these days is a Windows 10 license. With such a license you can download the system and install it directly on your computer. Transferring your data is a standard included step in the upgrade process, but ALWAYS go safe, especially as an entrepreneur. Provide an up-to-date backup of your administration that you can restore quickly and easily. A cloud solution such as Dropbox is handy, just keep in mind that you conclude a data processing contract (a few clicks of work) because of the GDPR again.

Note: Some computer dealers would have you believe that it is better to just buy a new computer with Windows 10 on it. If your computer is very old, you can certainly consider that, but it is a very expensive solution and in most cases also a horse remedy. With Windows 10, a computer that is a few years old even becomes a piece faster, if you turn off the fun features. Are you still satisfied with your computer? Then definitely go 'just' for a license, and do yourself a favor: don't wait until January 2020.

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