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Guest blog by Julia Lammers from TransIP

Every year, various new concepts are introduced in the world of web development. New techniques are being introduced to the market and older techniques are being improved and updated. Do you want a hire a developer who is up to date with the latest web development trends of 2020? These are the trends he or she should be aware of, especially from previously introduced technologies such as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

A Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is an app that functions both as a website and as an app, and can run on different operating systems. The app is accessible via the browser and is not connected to one specific app store. There are many possibilities in the use of PWAs – such as offline browsing, thanks to the linking of the app with the browser cache – and the integration of the apps with the functions of the device on which the app resides. PWAs function like websites, but with all the benefits of native apps. Developing a PWA takes less time than developing a native app; you can use your website as a basis.

2. Artificial Intelligence for Chatbots

Self-learning chatbots that help users on your website to solve their most pressing questions: it is the solution that many companies will appeal to in 2020 to relieve the pressure on their customer service. The robots learn from their interactions with users through machine learning, and try to adapt as best as possible to the user based on their knowledge with each new conversation. Self-learning chatbots have been used on social media channels such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for some time, but it is expected that many companies will also start using the technology in 2020.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

hot or not? Search engine Google has been indicating for several years that Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are the future. Whether that is actually the case depends on how quickly the technology is accepted. Many news platforms already use AMPs, but for many websites it seemed like an unnecessary investment in recent years. AMP pages could load web pages up to 10 times faster; a great advantage for mobile internet users. For many companies, search engine optimization often equates to following Google's guidelines to rank higher in its search results – and Google likes sites to load quickly. So it's definitely worth checking out what AMP pages can do for you in 2020.

4. Single Page Application (SPA)

On most websites, every click on a button or link leads to a new web page. However, each new page that loads takes time and data. A Single Page Application (SPA) prevents this by minimizing the number of requests to the server and dynamically loading data via JavaScript. Examples of websites that already work with SPA are Google Maps, Gmail and Facebook. The user experience of SPA pages is often better than regular pages, and in terms of design it all looks a bit more slick. However, a disadvantage of using SPAs is that it is very difficult to perform search engine optimization for them: content is loaded within JavaScript containers, and therefore is not readable by search engine crawlers.

5. Responsive Websites for Mobile First Indexing

By the end of 2020, Google will index all websites on the internet “mobile first”. This means that the search engine first assesses the user experience, as well as the technology used on websites, from the perspective of a mobile user. Therefore, the mobile experience of users on mobile devices should be the same or better than the experience of desktop users. The use of responsive websites is therefore becoming one of the most important things within the web development landscape. Those sites that don't use it yet would do well to start now.

Takeaways: the trends to keep an eye on

The most important web development trends in 2020 focus on optimizing the user experience of internet users, while they try to simplify the underlying processes in the backend of sites. As a web developer, it is, as always, important to keep an eye on which developments will really contribute to your site(s), and where the possible bottlenecks lie.

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