Webcare and online image management: how do you do that?

Webcare team and online image management

Webcare and online image management: how do you do that?

Where people used to contact your organization by e-mail or telephone, it is now more complicated. The world of customer service behind a business has changed! This can be explained in part by the increased power of large websites such as Facebook and Google. There is a lot of communication about companies and organizations on these websites. A bad settlement of a consumer complaint often immediately leads to a negative review. These reviews are picked up by Google's robots. Google makes sure that the negative review comes up immediately when a potential customer searches on your company name. Reason enough to think carefully about the design of your webcare and online image management!

Webcare as an important new industry

In recent years, many organizations have expanded their customer service with an additional industry in the form of webcare. This English term refers to the online service offered to customers. A customer wants to be helped quickly via a chat screen on your organization's website. Your organization must also be reachable via social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Due to the increased competition, there is a good chance that a consumer will switch to another provider. Especially if it takes him or her too long before you respond as an organization. By putting a team on your organization's webcare, you can serve customers faster. Both with complaints and with questions about services and products!

'The right to be angry is not unreasonable'

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Outsourcing webcare

You can put together a team yourself, but you can also outsource this to other parties. There are several companies that offer the possibility to outsource your entire webcare to them. This way you don't have to worry about this anymore and you can be sure that the webcare is performed by a specialist. Compare this way of working to outsourcing telephone customer service to a call center. This is a popular way of disposing of service processes, especially among telecom providers. Do it yourself? Think of the necessary level of knowledge, availability of employees, tools and reporting.

Playful video in which social media webcare is mocked: 

Online image management: responding quickly to complaints

Not only has webcare become increasingly important to combat unsatisfied customers. Online image management should also be an important part of your business strategy. By online image management we mean cleaning away a bad image. You avoid a bad image by reacting quickly to negative reviews. This does not only apply to the reviews on social media. Also, people leave these reviews on review websites. By responding within a short time, you show other consumers that you are willing to solve problems quickly. This increases the trust that other consumers have in your organization.

In short, webcare and online image management are two increasingly important branches within your business operations. Make sure you have a team that can take on these tasks, or outsource some of these tasks to an external party. This way you prevent your organization from getting a bad name among consumers.

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