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Having a correct website structure is crucial for both your user-friendliness as SEO. Many websites miss this so that the visitors cannot find what they were looking for. Ultimately, this also has a major impact on the conversion rate of a website.
In addition, Google also uses your website structure and internal links to crawl your website. If Google, due to your website structure, cannot find a number of pages, this is a missed opportunity.

In this article I will take you through the website structure. I explain what it is and why it is important for your users and SEO.

Website structure for user-friendliness

The website structure is extremely important for the overall user-friendliness of a website. When users can easily find what they were looking for, in many cases this boosts the number of conversions. Thanks to a transparent website structure, you can navigate your visitors through your website.

On the other hand, when this is not the case, chances are they will go to your competitor. A complicated website can lead to frustration and a negative experience with your company and brand.

Website structure and SEO 

The website structure has a huge impact on the SEO of a website. There are roughly three reasons for this:

  1. It helps Google understand a website: The way your website structure is put together gives Google hints about what pages are about. In addition, the structure shows which pages are most important and which are less important. When many internal links point to one page, this is an indication that valuable content is there.
  2. 2. It Prevents Keyword Cannibalization: Keyword cannibalization is the phenomenon of two pages within a website “fighting” for the same keywords. This is prevented by a good website structure where each page has its own keywords. Keyword cannibalization is common on websites with articles on almost the same topics. When Google knows exactly which page is about which topic, your SEO is good. It lets the pages rank for the right keywords without them having to fight each other.
  3. Changes to a website are processed faster: Websites are constantly changing: Products are removed or added, articles are posted or blogs are changed. When your website structure is in order, Google will crawl your website more often and more easily. This means that changes within your website are picked up and indexed faster.

These are three crucial reasons that website structure is important for a website's SEO. But what does a correct website structure look like?

The right website structure 

Website structure

The ideal website structure has a number of characteristic properties. I will explain these one by one below.

From the homepage 

From the homepage, the visitor should be able to easily go to a number of important pages. This is done in a kind of pyramid shape. Often the category pages of a website are made accessible from the homepage.
From the category pages it is possible to go directly to the different products. For larger companies, it often means that the visitor has to go to a subcategory first.

Category pages 

Each category should be approximately the same size. When one category is much larger than another, it should be divided into two categories. You can maintain that a category may not be twice the size of another.

Internal link structure 

A website's internal links play a large part in its overall website structure. Internal links allow you to send visitors from one page to another relevant page. This ensures that the visitor can easily find what he or she is looking for.

It is important that internal links can be found on every page. This makes it always possible for the visitor to go through the website. For example, from the homepage there are links to the category pages of a webshop. Links to product pages can then be added from the category pages of this webshop.

These internal links are not only used by the visitors. The internal links are also used by the Googlebot. The Googlebot uses the internal links in the same way as the visitors to the website: To move from page to page. If there is a page on a website without links to it, it cannot be indexed correctly either.

In order to allow the user to continue on the website, you can put links to other products on the product pages. In this way you make every page of your website accessible to the user and crawler.


The website structure has a huge impact on the SEO of the website. By clever use of the website structure, the right pages can occupy a more important place on the website (and in the search engines). In addition, the user-friendliness of the website can be improved.




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