What are the most important SEO trends and developments for 2020?

top-seo-trends for 2020

What are the most important SEO trends and developments for 2020?

Guest blog by Jasper Voorn van Web Wings

A good SEO strategy is a proven marketing tool for companies and organizations. The benefits of SEO are enormous, especially because you can achieve high sales at a relatively low cost. However, you must be aware of developments and trends, so that you can apply SEO properly. Almost every company or start-up uses SEO to gain a position in the market, whether it is done itself, by an SEO agency or a freelance SEO specialist. Since new competitors appear on the market every day, it is also increasingly difficult to maintain your position. In this article, we will discuss the 5 trends impacting SEO in 2020.

1. Rich snippets collect more clicks

Rich snippets or featured snippets provide a better search experience for the user. The snippets are prominently displayed in the search results. These snippets provide the customer with brief and additional information based on the query. This rich of featured snippets increase CTR significantly and so it is important to capitalize on this. About 54% of Google SERPs (search engine results page) clicks come from rich snippets. To get the most out of this SEO 2020 trend, try to answer the frequently asked questions. When searching for these questions, Google will determine which snippets are relevant to the search. It is not a foregone conclusion that you will be shown, but you can increase the chance by answering the search query correctly.

2. High-quality content is increasingly important

To use SEO strategies effectively, it is essential for businesses to high-quality content on their websites and other platforms. Users want content that is useful, relevant and current. People are using search engines more and more and your website will have to answer their questions. Your website should be easy to read and navigate. Use different forms of content, such as images and videos, so that you can keep visitors on your website longer and therefore have longer time to persuade them to take action. And most importantly, include relevant keywords.

3. Secure Websites Give Trust

Although website security is not directly related to SEO, it is a crucial aspect for the user experience of your website. If users see the "not secure" warning, they may decide not to proceed and leave your website. This leads to a high bounce rate, making your organic SEO strategies ineffective. In such a case, it is necessary to enable the HTTPS protocol, which provides your users with a secure encrypted and authentic connection. Implementing SSL certificate gives your site a small SEO boost. It also provides improved on-page statistics, which have a positive impact on your ranking in Google.

4. Artificial intelligence is the new norm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence will become part of everyday life even faster than we expected. Google has been working on the Rankbrain algorithm since 2015. Based on the query, this algorithms will analyze what type of content is most relevant to a query and will show it higher than other results. This algorithm teaches itself to present better and better search results. It will become even more important for companies to delve into the search intent of the user. SEO specialists advise to actively engage with the possibilities so that you can experiment with them next year.

5. High expectation of digital user experience

No matter how good your content is, if your website is slow it will have a very bad impact on the user experience and your SEO. It is common for users to leave a website if it takes a few seconds to load. A one second delay can lead to a huge loss for your business. Improve page speed and focus on user experience.

Put yourself in the visitor's shoes and determine what is important to them. For example, do not use words or phrases that are unfamiliar to them. If your visitors don't understand what you mean, they will return to the search engine results page (SERP). As a result, a high bounce rate has a negative impact on the search position of your website.

Conclusion SEO in 2020

These key SEO trends for 2020 will greatly influence the SEO strategies of many companies. If you ignore these trends, the next year will be even harder to catch up with both competitors and new trends. Think from the perspective of your users, create high-quality content, use SEO tools as a resource and invest in conversion optimization.

Guest blog by Jasper Voorn van Web Wings

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