What does a digital marketer actually do?


For many modern companies, the lion's share of all marketing activity today takes place online. Traditional content has given way to digital content and so traditional marketers are being replaced by digital marketers. That makes sense, because digital marketing is something fundamentally different from simply running your traditional marketing initiatives on an online platform. It goes much further than that.

A range of possibilities

On a daily basis, a digital marketer is busy making the most of the range of possibilities that the online world has to offer. The digital marketer continues where the traditional marketer stops. He knows flawlessly which online resources – EM campaigns, social media, SEO content, pay-per-click campaigns and much more – can best be used and when that should happen. In this way, a digital marketer knows how to get your products and/or services to the attention of your target group in an optimal way. Sometimes he works together in a marketing team with, for example, a social media marketer and a content marketer.

Digital marketer in the marketing team

In such a marketing team, the digital marketer is mainly concerned with approaching your target group as best as possible. Where the content marketer specializes in creating optimal content associated with your products and services, the digital marketer then knows how to use that content in the perfect way. He knows which mix of marketing initiatives best suits your campaign(s) and sets out a marketing strategy.

An increasingly important part of this is the use of social media; for this he uses the knowledge of the social media marketer, who specializes in conducting marketing via platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Social media marketing is a profession in its own right, but it is often part of a larger marketing campaign. It is therefore important in every marketing team to allow the various marketers to work together optimally, because they are jointly responsible for you. online presence: the way in which your company is present online.

Social Media - digital marketer

Characteristics of a digital marketer

Because a digital marketer is involved day in and day out with making your company digitally visible and creating and keeping leads warm, he is first and foremost a creative person. Every campaign requires a different approach and the digital marketer preferably does not continuously tap from the same kegs. He continuously manages to come up with fresh ideas instead of old wine in new bottles.

Secondly, a digital marketer is a good project manager. He will have to collaborate a lot with other marketers and with other departments within your company. This requires good communication with stakeholders, so he is a strong communicator. He must also be able to keep an overview of larger campaigns: marketing management. The digital marketer must at all times be aware of the status of a campaign, which cogs are turning and which next steps are yet to come. Entrepreneurship and a critical view are important here.

Converting big data into opportunities

An essential part of the duties of a digital marketer is being able to analyze the success of your online campaigns. The data that you receive as a result of your marketing activities must be able to be flawlessly processed by the digital marketer into razor-sharp evaluations and, most importantly, targeted follow-up steps. After all, you want the highest possible conversion on your e-mail campaigns and if you spend money in exchange for clicks, you also want to bring in your target group. The digital marketer is therefore, in addition to being creative, communicative and enterprising, also especially analytically strong.

The digital marketer at work

As an employer, it is important to manage your digital marketer in a result-oriented manner. Let him be creative and enterprising, but ensure that there is a clear dot on the horizon, so that it is clear to everyone what result is being pursued. Request periodic updates on progress and continuously adjust your goals. That way you keep the work for your marketing team challenging and you drive them towards the optimal return.

Digital marketer vacancies

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