What impression can a packaging leave behind?


A box, bag or such a hard, plastic sleeve that often contains small devices or cables: at first sight packaging seems to many entrepreneurs to be only a necessary evil. This while the packaging of your product is an important factor for many customers in whether or not to purchase or appreciate that product. Beautiful packaging, and then custom packaging in particular, can be of great added value for the marketing of your company. In fact, if you don't pay attention to it, you're probably lagging behind your competitors.


It may sound illogical, but the best packaging is packaging that actually impresses your customer. This can be done in many ways. The most important thing is that your packaging stands out on the shelves – and that can include digital shelves! – and that you as a consumer realize that it has been thought through. Anyone who has ever bought an iPhone, for example, will have noticed that opening that packaging – grasping the lid, lifting it, waiting for the box with the device to slide out – takes some time. That's right: exactly seven seconds. Apple wants you to devote your full attention to your new phone for seven seconds. Cool right?

Five advantages of packaging

Packaging with such a lot of detail takes time to devise and have it made. But the benefits of unique, customized packaging for your product make that creative process more than worthwhile.

  1. First, realize that the packaging often de first impression is what customers get from your product. Customers scan online stores and store shelves and really choose based on what they see on the outside. That first impression is indelible, especially if it is positive!
  2. In addition, well thought-out packaging can extension of your product For example, if your product stands out because of its beautiful design, then also design a beautiful packaging. It can also go the other way: you probably know the scissors packaging for which you need scissors to cut it open…
  3. A third advantage of a cool packaging can be the Free Advertisement Think back to the iPhone packaging for a moment. Those are the facts that are discussed in the office next to the water cooler and at birthdays. Advertising that you don't have to do anything for!
  4. In addition, if you delve into the psychology behind color combinations and shapes, with the right packaging you can even exert influence unconsciously on consumers. The neuroscience is your friend!
  5. Finally: unique packaging makes your product unique. You can additionally consider a Personal message on your packaging or to leave a positive feeling with your customers in another, playful way. Be creative!

Customized packaging

Never knew that custom packaging could provide so many benefits? You are not the only one, but it is high time to get started. Keep in mind: nobody likes unnecessarily large packaging (“Did I buy air?”) and packaging materials that are unnecessarily harmful to the environment. As long as you color within those lines, you can be as creative as you want.

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