What is the importance of time registration in the 20th century?


What is the importance of time registration in the 20th century?

Your employees don't just spend their time on a few tasks. They invest their hours in activities that are meaningful for your company. But, do you actually realize what exactly they spend their time on? Time registration of your employees is extremely important! It is also important that you register your own hours. How so? You can read that here.

What is the purpose of time registrations?

The word register actually says enough to explain what exactly we mean by time registrations. The hours of everyone in your company are recorded. But, it's about much more than just clocking in and out at the beginning and end of the day. You want to know what your employees are working on all day and you want to create an overview of what you spend your precious hours on all day.

Benefits of time registration

Registering hours almost only brings benefits. Such benefits include, for example:

  • More insight into projects
    • You can identify what project teams spend the most time on
    • You can use data to make decisions that better fit the workflow
    • More insight into which resources are used
    • Learn how changes in team structure or team size affect project progress.
  • Placing responsibility on the right people
    • Team members and project managers can see how employees spend their time and help them improve it
  • Making decisions based on data
    • Gain real-time insight into the progress of projects
    • Identifying Value Streams
    • Back up your recruiting requests.
  • Financial management:
    • Know how organizational activities affect bottom line numbers by distinguishing between different capitals and operating costs.
    • Using the data from the time registration for keeping the bookkeeping.
  • Managing customer accounts:
    • Real-time billable time information for your customers.
    • Know immediately if your projects are over budget.
  • Operational Cost Tracking
    • Track debits


Time registration culture

If your company has paid little to no attention to time registration up to now, it can be difficult to implement this now. Encouraging and implementing the time tracking tool doesn't have to be top-down. Research has shown that implementing a time registration system top-down (ie getting an assignment from management that the employees have to carry out) only has the opposite effect. It will have to be a process to achieve a better work-life balance. If everyone understands the importance of such a registration program, the transition will be much smoother. It therefore becomes easier to make progress.

Supporting software

Instead of simply handing over a tool to project teams and making it clear to all team members that this tool should be used, it is much more efficient to explain the benefits everyone can get from registering hours. If there are teams that are pushed too hard or there are projects that are always out of budget, this does not lead to a constructive, positive or relaxed work environment. Knowing what we're doing and what's expected of us helps everyone stay on track. People also get the feeling that their talents are being used. Keeping has developed time registration software that supports you in managing the hours of your employees.

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