When is blogging interesting for your company?


Not everyone likes to write. And yet you often hear people talking about blogging. That your customers are waiting for it. That it's good for your business. And your position on Google. Therefore the critical question: when is blogging interesting for your company? 5 considerations before you start blogging:

You want more visitors to your site

By blogging regularly, you do 2 things that Google loves: you regularly post new content on your site, and it is valuable content. The (free) blogging software, such as WordPress, helps to optimize your content for Google. When your content is interesting for your visitors, you get inbound links from other sites and social media faster. And because in the long run you place a lot of content on your site, with a lot of keywords, that produces more results in the search engines.

you have time

Writing takes time. Writing a good piece takes even more time. Now you don't have to write 3 blog posts every day: it's about letting your readers know what to expect. This way you can safely write a post every week or even every month: as long as it's regularity is. For example, a look at your market. Blogging takes time, but it also saves time: it provides content for your newsletter and social media, it supports or even replaces your efforts to be found in Google, and it helps to get customers.

Knowledge is important in your market

And that is why you see blogging for the business market: for many consumer products little knowledge is needed. If knowledge is an important part of your product, then it is also part of the sales process. Help your customers (and therefore yourself) by putting as much information as possible online. Your customers will automatically find you via Google, and in your blogs they will find an expert who shares knowledge and can help them with the desired product. When knowledge is important in your market, and you share that knowledge, it provides you brand awareness on. And a bonus: by blogging you will think more clearly about your product and your market, and you will gain specific knowledge.

You want customer interaction

A page about your product does not invite direct response, if that possibility already exists on the same page. Interaction is common with a blog. A blog is about a specific topic: there is high context. As a result, readers are much more interested in your topic and are more likely to respond. Especially if your blog is not a commercial story, but rather shares valuable knowledge. You show a face and let your voice be heard (branding). This way you are approachable, because your readers have a clear picture of you. That's how you build a relationship.

You want more turnover

Valuable content makes your business valuable to your customers. Just think: when you read something that you really find interesting, you feel more connected to that subject, the writer, and therefore also the website where you get that content. That binding translates to more sales by extending interest to action. Blogging shows you what knowledge you have. You tell us what you can do for your customers. And you do that in a way that people can approach you easily. More sales with blogging does take some time.


If you mainly lack time, but not website visitors or customers, then blogging in the short term is just extra work. In the longer term, blogging can help your company take an expert position in your market. Don't have the time but do you see the benefit of blogging? Then consider it outsource business blogging.


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