Why is a CRM system important? 3 crucial arguments

Why is a CRM system important? 3 crucial arguments

Why is a CRM system important? 3 crucial arguments

Every entrepreneur discovers at a certain moment the importance of good Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. With a CRM system you maintain customer contact, you record important matters in that customer contact and you build a stable future for your company. Yet there are many starters who are initially reluctant to use a CRM system. Because does such a CRM system not only cost time and money, without you actually getting anything in return?

Prepared for growth

Growth in red letters, businessman

Everyone wants to grow, but not everyone takes it fully into account.

That initial shudder is not entirely illogical. Starters still have few customers. Customer contact is more or less the same as networking: accessible, on a personal level and based on trust. However, every company wants to grow. As soon as you notice that you need a systematic approach to your customer contact, it is actually too late. Many tried and tested entrepreneurs will therefore advise you to start with a CRM system. This way you are prepared for the growth you want to experience.

It is not only about the growth in your number of customers, but also that of your workforce. As long as you still have a handful of employees, or perhaps still run a sole proprietorship, your processes and lines of communication are manageable. But as soon as your company grows and you employ a sales team, it is very important that all your employees work in the same way and use the same processes. With a good CRM system, you deal with these kinds of issues and ensure that everyone within your company works uniformly and therefore efficiently. This of course saves a lot of time in solving problems.

Fast service is good service

A third, major advantage of working with a CRM system is the advantages that such a system brings you in terms of: customer service. With most CRM systems you can clearly log your customer contact and you therefore have quick insight into what you have agreed with each individual customer, when that was and with which employee it happened. This enables you to solve problems or answer questions at lightning speed. If you have to plow through a mass of files or archive boxes for every customer question or complaint, that doesn't just mean extra waiting time for the customer; you just come across as unprofessional.

Also something for my company?

Customers signed

Who are your customers? As a company grows, the further the customer gets.

Many entrepreneurs wonder whether the use of a CRM system is appropriate for their industry or company. To answer that question, try imagining where your company will be in a few years. What goals and ambitions do you have? How many customers and employees do you need to achieve that?

The truth is that a CRM system is really only a luxury for small sole traders. The point where such a system becomes useful (or even vital) has been reached sooner than you think. And you will thank yourself regularly if you have implemented a system at an early stage, during the run-up period, rather than at the last minute. Before you know it, it will be at the expense of your customer contact – and most starting entrepreneurs cannot imagine that to afford.

CRM is also subject to change. The most important CRM Trends of 2020 are voice, AI, mobile and social.

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