Why is it important to shop locally?

Why is it important to shop locally?

Why is it important to shop locally?

With shops and restaurants hit hard by the impact of the coronavirus crisis, now is more than ever the time to support our local businesses and restaurants. When you support a local entrepreneur, you don't help the director of the multinational with his third holiday home, but you help that girl with dance lessons, the boy with his football shirt and your neighbors with food on the table. Of course this has been exaggerated, but the message should be clear: be loyal and buy local!

Why not buy locally?

More and more consumers no longer buy locally, but online, for example. This trend has been going on for years and is gaining momentum due to the corona crisis. There are various advantages to this, because the offer is often larger, the prices are often lower, it can be done from the comfort of your home and it is also delivered free of charge the next day. However, there are also caveats.

Why buy locally?

Helps the community

Although this may not seem obvious at first, by buying locally you indirectly help the neighborhood where you live. Local purchases keep the money close by, increasing wealth for those around you rather than going to a faraway business.

Support local associations

In relative terms, local companies make a larger part of their turnover available for local non-profit organizations, event and sports associations compared to the nationally oriented companies. You can think of sponsoring the local football club or donations to local charities.

Better (customer) service

Buying local sometimes means paying a little more, but you often get more service in return. The local entrepreneurs have a lot of knowledge of the products and can therefore provide better advice or answer any questions. In case of problems, for example with a warranty, the latter will also be more willing to help.

Less bad for the environment

In general, local businesses use minimal transport and shipping chains. That means less pollution on several levels. Not only do they consume less energy and fuel, but they also purchase local products and raw materials, which have a positive effect on other local shops.

Creating employment

By choosing and buying locally, jobs are created for the community. More turnover means more staff and further expansion of local shops and businesses. By contributing to a local business, we help preserve existing local jobs and create new skilled jobs.

Extra experience

Smell, feel, try on and get advice about scent, color or style: you don't get that experience through your screen, but through local shopping. Moreover, you are among the people and nice to get away from home. That can be a relief, now that we live in a society where we are often glued to our smartphone.

Offer tailored to local needs

Local companies, which select products not on the basis of a national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantee a better product range. With this offer they often also support other local entrepreneurs and this creates a win-win situation.

Buying local is a good idea

Buying locally is always a good idea, but even more so in corona time. In this way you not only support the local shopkeepers, but as mentioned also the community and ensure that the area where you live remains attractive and continues to develop.

Do you also consciously make your purchases for Sint, Christmas and the end of the year from local entrepreneurs this year? It will be greatly appreciated, because together we ensure that shops and catering industry get through the crisis as best as possible, that our stores remain attractive and employees keep their jobs.

Would you rather go for the convenience of online shopping and do you want to limit the visit to the store because of corona? Good news: many local entrepreneurs also have a website! If they don't have what you're looking for, you can always look further…

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