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Every company that has several vacancies to fill per year now has one: the careers page. On such a page you explain what it is like to work at your company, what you expect from new staff and of course how people can apply to you. Of course you also show your open vacancies. But since every SME sized company or larger has such a page these days, how do you make yours stand out and grab the attention of the better job seekers? We give you four practical tips to take your careers page a few quality levels higher.

Tip 1: Provide a careers page full of clever things

Everyone likes websites that are easy to use, including a job seeker. It will surprise you, but the absolute majority of careers pages currently consist of nothing more than some text, an illustration here and there and an e-mail address where your letter can go. An online form where you can neatly leave your details is already something to be happy about. That can be better today! Show that your company is more modern: for example, build a job alert in. Job seekers can save their preferences and then receive a notification when a vacancy arises that matches their profile. Or let visitors save their 'favourite' jobs for later. After all, there are few job seekers who start typing a letter immediately after seeing a vacancy. No, you want to think about it first or talk about it with others. If you can quickly find that vacancy later on, that is an advantage.

A button on the keyboard with 'Apply Now' on it.

Shorten process times and make applying online more attractive.

Tip 2: Lower thresholds and shorten process times

Go crazy and try applying to your own company. If necessary, you can take a 'real' test and apply anonymously. Does it cost you a lot of time and effort? Do you have to go through a lot of screens? Do you get a neat response to what you leave behind? How long does that take? The gears behind your careers page are at least as important as the page itself. A super-sleek page full of high-quality content should not result in an old-fashioned process that immediately scares people away.

Tip 3: Think about your employer branding

Just like you have to convince customers to purchase a product or service from you, you will have to convince job seekers to start an application procedure with you. Especially in areas where the demand for employees is currently or is exceeding the supply, you will really have to demonstrate why your company is so attractive to work for. We call that whole process, in which you profile the image of your company, employer branding. Why would someone want to work for you? Name it, propagate it and prove it. And, not unimportant: make sure that that information also matches the rest of your website. Of course, if your careers page contains conflicting information with other content elsewhere on your site, it can hurt the reliability of your business.

Tip 4: Think of your most important goal and make decisions

The risk of a information overload is big on the careers page. You want to introduce your company, show all your vacancies, encourage people to apply and also tell something about the industry in which you work. That can be quite a piece of content that no one is going to plow through. Therefore, think about what you want with this page in advance. Do you want to find interested parties (leads)? Or do you want to directly 'convert' to job applications? Or maybe you want to work primarily on your employer brand? They are principles that determine the focus for your page and on the basis of which you can make decisions. Dare to make those choices and watch for a while how the page works for you. If you think about this, and the other tips above, you're probably already a few steps ahead of most of your competitors.

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  • Ivan says:

    An important point for job seekers is the quick response. A job seeker also wants to know quickly where he stands. By the way, don't forget that no matter how beautiful your “work at” page is, employees always check the available forums to see what the employee experiences with your company are.

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