Facebook workshop for entrepreneurs: "Facebook is not a goal"

Workshop Facebook marketing for companies by Bloeise in Den Helder

Facebook workshop for entrepreneurs: "Facebook is not a goal"

“Many entrepreneurs are on Facebook. But they have no idea how they can now use Facebook for their company," says Thomas Lapperre of the Helderse online agency Bloeise. “If it doesn't work, then you shouldn't do it. Facebook is not an end in itself.” On December 10, Lapperre will give a Facebook Workshop for entrepreneurs at De Helderse Vallei.

“When you post a message as a Facebook page, a maximum of 16 percent of your fans will see it. At many companies, this is even less than 2 percent," explains Lapperre. “Facebook only wants to show its users relevant messages. Just think: we like more and more pages and get more and more friends in our timeline. Facebook therefore only shows messages that are personally relevant to you. Because they are messages from your children, from that good friend, or from that nice company.”

Facebook as a resource
“As a company you have to be relevant on Facebook. So you have to tailor your messages to your target group. So that people get moving, with likes, clicks, reactions and shares. And that indeed takes a lot of effort,” says Lapperre. “That's why you also start linking Facebook as a marketing tool to your business goals. So: do you want reach, binding or turnover? That differs per company, but that is the first step for every entrepreneur on Facebook.”

Facebook Workshop
Lapperre will give a workshop Facebook for companies on Thursday evening 10 December. Participants learn why they can choose Facebook, how Facebook works and what to put on Facebook. Afterwards, entrepreneurs have their own plan of action to optimally use Facebook. For more information and registration see bloomse.nl/facebook-workshop-den-helder.

Blossom helps entrepreneurs flourish online. For this, Bloeise shares knowledge through popular marketing blogs and personal workshops. As an involved citizen of Den Helder, Lapperre has been keeping the Facebook page Love Den Helder since 2012.


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