Workshop Getting started with SEO: “How can your company be found on Google?”

Workshop Start with SEO

Workshop Getting started with SEO: “How can your company be found on Google?”

“Every company has a website nowadays. But then it soon stops. While the real work only then begins ”, says Thomas Lapperre from the Helderse marketing agency Bloeise. "Being found well in Google is relatively easy and, above all, affordable if you do it yourself."

“If you can't be found on Google, then you simply don't exist for many consumers. Everyone googles. Yet things often go wrong because companies don't understand how Google works," says Lapperre. “SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. You actually help Google to better understand your website. Once you understand how Google thinks, you naturally start doing the right things.”

Focus on your target audience
“SEO is not just about the technical side. The most important thing is your content: the story on your website. Do you really help your target group? Not only will your visitors be happy, but Google will too. Google looks at the behavior of visitors. When a visitor continues to search after 10 seconds after clicking on a website, Google knows: that was a bad website," explains Lapperre.

Workshops SEO and Facebook for companies
On Thursday afternoon, March 24, Bloeise will give the first workshop Starting with SEO: “For beginners. You will learn how Google works and how to help your visitors with the right answers to their questions. Afterwards you can really get going.” On Tuesday afternoon, March 22, there is also the Facebook workshop for companies. “Everything is going online today. As a company, you therefore simply have to know how Facebook and Google work.” For more information and registration see

Blossom helps entrepreneurs flourish online. For this, Bloeise shares knowledge through popular marketing blogs and personal workshops. As an involved citizen of Den Helder, Lapperre has been keeping the Facebook page Love Den Helder since 2012.


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